Matt Silver Trophy Labels 45mm Circles

£22.75 | EX VAT

Metalon Labels

Our revolutionary imitation metal labels – ‘Metalon’ are a fantastic alternative to engraving, at a fraction of the cost of producing an engraving plate, and saving you loads of time as well as money. In a matter of seconds you can print off a hundred labels, and applying them to a trophy couldn’t be easier, with our super-strength adhesive that means the plate will not fall off.
These labels differ from other labels on the market as they are thick, making the label really look like an engraving plate.

Metalon labels do not have to be used just for trophies, they have as many uses as our standard self-adhesive labels, at a premium look and feel.

These labels come on a roll of 200 labels per roll and can only be used with our thermal transfer printers – they will not work with the Epson Colourworks C3500 printer, and cannot be used in conjunction with our Label-IT software.

Examples of usage:

  • Trophy plates
  • Medal inserts
  • School belongings like textbooks, stationery, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.
  • Valuables such as cameras, mobile phones, etc., that have the chance of being misplaced, lost or stolen.
  • Musical instruments and sports equipment.
  • Computers and computer accessories like CD’s and floppies.