Ad-Tag Super Adhesive Name Labels

£300.00 | EX VAT

Self-Adhesive Ad-Tag Sticky Labels

K.T. Labels are proud to present the revolutionary new Self-Adhesive Ad-Tag Sticky Labels.

These labels are available as a roll of 300 sheets, with 20 labels per sheet, so each roll has a massive 6,000 labels per roll.

They are printed through our thermal transfer printer – the SOLO, the TE210, or the TSC TC210 and only using our special black magic ink.

When printed the labels are removed and applied directly to the wash care/garment label of the item of clothing and left for 24 hours they will stay on the label through the wash, no need to iron the labels on, no need to sew the labels onto the garment, simply stick the labels on and they will not come off.