Funky Feet Shoe Labels

£35.00 | EX VAT

Funky Feet Shoe Labels

Shoe labels are often forgotten about, and yet it is our shoes and trainers that can sometimes cost a lot more than our garments. Our shoe labels are in the shape of a foot, making them easily stand out, with a relevant design that people of all ages can enjoy. For younger children, they can aid in identifying their left and right feet as our foot design is shaped to assist with this.

Our shoe labels are designed to go onto the inside of the shoe, on the heel where there is the most pressure and can easily be noticed at a glance. They can be printed in seconds and provide a cheap and efficient way of identifying shoes – perfect for schools, care homes and places where shoes are often required to be removed, such as temples and mosques.

These are our older ‘funky feet’ shoe label, our new Shoe Labels (with seal) are an improvement on this design.
They come on a roll of 600 pairs of shoe labels and 2 rolls of shoe labels will last for 1 roll of our thermal ink.

These labels can be used with any of our thermal transfer printers, with either our Label Direct or our Label-IT software, but they will not work with the Epson Colourworks C3500 printer.

Key Features:

  • Quickly and efficiently print shoe labels with a large profit margin.
  • Fun and recognisable ‘foot’ shape, with left and right feet to help younger children.
  • Easily stuck onto the inside heel base of any shoe.
  • Great add-on item to our iron-on and self-adhesive labels.
  • When used in conjunction with our Laminate patches it is protected from dirt and sweat.